Applied Geochemistry Group July 29 – August 2

Geochem deptartment office

July 29-30: Met with Dr. Micheal Nightingale, and was shown the different labs associated with geochemistry on the 6th floor. Was then given a introduction to the safety procedures and dress code expectations when in the lab. Was given a brief over view of all the general equipment used for water and gas analyzing within the lab. Shadowed post grad Dylan Riley and learned a bit about mass spectrometry. Also shadowed undergrad Emily Docking and learned a bit about gas chromatography.

Some of the equipment I will be taking up north

July 31: Today was given a project which involves obtaining water samples from Sucker Creek First Nations, by Slave Lake, as they seem to be having issues with there water out there. So today with Micheal’s help I began gathering the equipment which I will need for collecting samples as well as some instruments to do some quick on the spot field tests when I collect the samples. I did a quick search using cartofact software, to see if there maybe any industry related incidents around the Slave Lake region so that i may know what kinds of things to look for in water samples in the area. With that I obtained some papers related to industry contamination and what to look for as well as a couple research papers on general sample analyzing techniques.

Ion liquid chromatography analyzer

August 1: Talked with Micheal a little bit more about my trip up north, and other preparations. Micheal also gave both me and Emily a brief talk on how to both use the Ion liquid chromatographer and how to prepare the samples for analysis. Continued reviewing research papers on water sampling and testing.

August 2: Talked more with Micheal about other water testing methods once I am back from Slave Lake. Made final preparations with Celia in regards to travel and equipment needed.

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