CREATE ReDeveLoP is a program to help graduate (MSc and PhD) students in Geoscience and Engineering gain professional skills training and experience. An undergraduate internship program was launched in May 2019 within ReDeveLoP to help Indigenous BSc students explore graduate study options in these disciplines and the funding available.

Susan, a 2019 BSc graduate of Geology at the University of Calgary, and Joseph, a 2nd-year BSc student of Environmental Science at Mount Royal University, are the first undergraduate interns of the program.

This blog is a window into that experience, to be shared via the Indian Resource Council, the Writing Symbols Lodge, and the Iniskim Centre. Follow Susan and Joe through their rotations of field work, geochemistry, geophysics, petroleum engineering, and even Indigenous Relations Training. Feel free to share this link with your friends in university or high school who might have questions about career paths.

Introducing Susan Machan … I am an Indigenous student from the Tlicho band in the NWT. I just graduated with my BSc from the University of Calgary. I’m the first person in my family to complete a university degree. While in undergrad, I studied hard rock geology, with a focus on ore deposits. This summer will be a good opportunity to learn more about the soft rock geology in the oil and gas industry and to make some decisions about my career path.

Introducing Joe Leadley … I am a Metis student, a husband and a father, with Indigenous ties originating from south Saskatchewan. Born in Taber, AB, I grew up around the petroleum industry. I left high school to work as a driller, and completed my education part-time at night. After the 2013 flood and the economic downturn, particularly in the oil and gas industry, I returned to school. It was a big decision not just for me, but for my family as well. I started by upgrading some high school core courses in 2017 at Mount Royal University to gain eligibility into a BSc degree program. I chose Environmental Science because, with a decade of industry experience, I’d now like to work in remediation. I completed 1st year as a part-time student while I was still employed. I’m looking forward to starting 2nd year as a full-time student undergraduate student for the first time in my life. I’ve posted a couple of photos below; one of the last rig I worked on and one of me at school. This summer, I’m proud to be part of the CREATE ReDeveLoP internship program at the UoC. I’m here because this program is dedicated to collaboration with other universities, industries, government and Indigenous communities, and I think that’s important to our future.

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