Geophysics lab June 20-28

June 20: Started to do some background research with the use of AEB website into my upcoming project. Had a brief introductory lesson on the use of Cartofact with Daniel Grunberg, one of the programmers of this GIS software. this kind of software is useful in both planning future and researching past petroleum projects as well as geology information.

June 21: Met with Kelly to plan out both time line and research strategy for doing my project. this included discussing possible information sources, GIS software i could utilize, and geology maps. Began this by contracting the AEB and requesting information on the area and its fracking history, as well as past wells.

Area that this project covers using Cartofact GIS software.

June 24: Went to geologic down town to learn how to try and use there GIS software for both this project and future use. Learned a great deal of how to utilize there layering system for obtaining both well data and geology information. Then spent the rest of the day using there software to try and do more research on my project.

June 25: Began looking at isopach(geology) maps, and obtaining further well data for this project. In the after noon wen to Calgary’s SE industrial area to attend a LNG test site at PTX LNG, to learn about the benefits and applications of liquefied natural gas.

June 26: Began trying to map out what reserves maybe in the duvernay in the Brazeau dam area and what is being produced now and in the past. Most wells in this area are actually being produced from formations higher up than the duvernay. and began to find out that information that i was trying to find was limited.

June 27: Tried to bring what information that i could get together on this project to some kind of conclusion. Thinking that this would take quit a bit more research and mapping to do a proper report.

June 28: Began working on presentation slides for this project as well as concluding that there was more work to be done on this but the research into this would take more that a couple of weeks. Met with Amin Aghanizadeh, who runs the Tight Oil Consortium, for a brief tour of his labs at U of C, as I will be working there starting Monday. Finished the day by coming to what conclusions I could on my project and creating slides.

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