My First Week in the Geophysic (JULY 2-5, 2019)

Earth Science 926 MIC Geophysic lab

I began my rotation in the MIC Geophysics lab on July 3.

July 3, 2019- I joined the Geophysic lab this week and met with Rebecca Salvage a Postdoctoral Associate in Seismology and Naimeh Riazi a Postdoctoral Associate at the University of Calgary. We determined that the my project would be a literature review of the two seismic events that happened in Rocky Mountain House and Red Deer Alberta during March 2019 . I would research the seismic history of the two locations and the public perception of the events.

Diagram of withdrawal and injection operations in the oilfield. Blue arrow represents water being injected. Black arrow represents oil, gas or wastewater being withdrawn(Rubinstein & Mahani 2015).

Induced earthquakes are earthquakes caused by human activities such as subsurface fluid injection and/or withdrawal as shown in the above figure.

The 4.6 ML earthquake that occurred near Red Deer happened on March 3,2019 at 5:55am and about 1 km deep.

Earthquake in this region is fairly new and scientific articles have not been published yet for the new seismic activities(R. Schultz, e-mail message, July 17 2019).

Approximate location of the Red Deer earthquake on March 3, 2019(Natural Resource Canada)

Rocky Mountain House experienced a 4.3 ML earthquake with a depth of 10km at 4 in the morning on March 10, 2019.

Approximate location of Rocky Mountain House earthquake March 10, 2019 (Natural Resource Canada).

Rubinstein JL, Mahani AB. Myths and Facts on Wastewater Injection, Hydraulic Fracturing, Enhanced Oil Recovery, and Induced Seismicity. Seismological Research Letters. 2015;86(4):1060–1067. doi:10.1785/0220150067

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