TOC (Tight Oil Consortium) July 15-19

July 15: Began the fun work of preparing samples even further for use in the XRF(X-ray Florescence), which analysis cutting samples at the electron level to see what the composition element wise is of cuttings. For sample prep, using a pestle and mortar, rock is ground into a fine dust and placed into sample cups for analysis.

July 16: Finished with first 10 samples using pestle and mortar. Finished placing in sample cups. Had Adnan give a brief safety run down of proper XRF operation, as it is technically a hand held X-ray and can cause damage if pointed at a human being.

July 17: Began running samples, the actual testing was quick compared to the actual sample prep. Was taught by Adnan how to down load test results from XRF and started a spread sheet on results.

July 18: Began preparing samples for testing using a pycnometer, which required a bigger grain size for use. All walnut shells and polymer beads had to be removed so that reading would be accurate.

July 19: Spend first have of day testing using pycnometer, which uses hydrogen gas for calculating Grain volume and grain density of samples. Spent rest of the day preparing and separating next 10 samples.

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