TOC (Tight Oil Consortium) July 2 – 5

July 2: So this week I began working in the TOC (Tight Oil Consortium), whose labs are located in the basement and 2nd floor of the Earth Sciences building on U of C campus. I began my first day by being given a brief tour of the lab and some of the equipment used for various tests conducted on drill cuttings and core samples collected from various wells. Dr. Amin Aghanizadeh then gave me various research papers to review, to give me some background on the type of research which is done here as well as the various ways some of this equipment is incorporated into analysis, which I will learn about in the coming weeks.

July 3: Attended TOC group meeting and learned about some of the research papers that other graduate students were in the process of finalizing and related topics. Researched other papers for the rest of the day associated with some of the main formations that are commonly studied by this lab, such as the Montenay and Duvernay.

Pulse Decay Permeameter

July 4: Today I began my day by shadowing Adnan Younis, who is a grad student who works here. He was working on testing drill cores, with the use of what they call a Pulse Decay Permeameter. This piece of lab equipment can simulate the same conditions which the core was obtained from in the ground, and tests porosity and volume of the core.

SEM microscope(this thing is huge!)

July 5: Did a tour of the SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope) on the 2nd floor, which is used for scanning formation samples at the electron level for analyzing the chemical make up of rocks. Discussed possible project ideas with Amin, and finished the day by reviewing research papers related to the Duvernay formation.

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